Welcome to Dr.Mat

We serve food that taste good and do you good

Dr.Mat opened with the purpose to make it easier for people to eat delicious and healthy food. All ingredients are carefully chosen and combined, they are organic and Martin Brunberg, one of Swedens most appreciated nutritionist has given the meals a ”thumbs up”. The menu offer flavors inspired from all over the world and all dishes are gluten, dairy and sugar free, cooked below 100°C. Every meal is served with Dr.Mat’s homemade fermented vegetables to ensure you get a daily boost of probiotics. Choose between e.g. low tempered miso baked salmon with black rice, algae salad & wasabi mayonnaise, vegan cauliflower curry or varies of salads based on Swedish ingredients.

Our food

is served in a compostable takeaway box. Take a seat and enjoy the lovely atmosphere in our little restaurant (we have 10 seats inside and a few outside during summer) or do takeaway when exploring Stockholm.

Not hungry?

In the fridge you find a large selection of refreshing drinks like cold brewed tees, kombucha and our own health shots – all with different effects on your body. In the restaurant you also find our homemade products like dressings, fermented vegetables, granola, spices, unique medicinal herbal tea blends and much more.

“Let food be thy medicine and the medicine thy food”

Hippokrates c.460 – c. 370 BC


Tegnérgatan 5
111 35 Stockholm
Tel: +46(0)70 615 32 22

Sociala medier


Mån-Tor: 11.00-19.00
Fredag: 11.00-15.00
Lör-Sön: Stängt